Honda Outboard Bogging Down

29 Starting At: $28. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I have these holes all along the edge of my pond, sometimes going down to the water level and causing the ground to sink in spots. Attach a shop tachometer to the motor's Number 1 cylinder. Called the dealer and this is what he recommended (yes, Honda dealer recommended this product). Sierra 18-8225 Fuel Filter Sierra high-quality replacement fuel filter for Honda Outboards. So I ordered a new stage 1 hot cam as well as new factory rocket arms. The shop, Cluver marine found the problem but would not fix it. This valve controls idle speed by regulating air intake, and when it gets stuck in the wrong position, it can shut. So I have narrowed it down too 1 of 3 problems and hopefully it is the first. Mechanic said everything else checked out ok. If I shut it off for 20 minutes, the scoot will fire up, run great, but at full throttle it will die again after just 2-3 house lengths. Knowing how to clean an outboard carburetor can be one of the most important steps in keeping your outboard motor running smoothly and efficiently. The idle will be high/low/erratic, the engine will bog down, it might not make fill power. Another possible cause is an air leak in the fuel line. com motor bogs down at full throttle Page: 1 - iboats. Oct 2, 2007 #1. Too much prop pitch puts extra. I went to full throttle and trimmed the motor to plane the boat. This motor has the following features: power tilt and trim, oil injection, 3-cylinders, and a 3 blade prop. I also noticed the tachometer bouncing on me a few times. The props on these are rated 2hp and can bog down on acceleration. Your outboard motor is the heart of your marine vessel and if it is having trouble with the fuel supply, it can put a damper on your day on the lake, river or ocean. The motor would not die, it would just bog down and lose the power. If you start. Most modern carburetors are designed to function with roughly 0. However, Honda did not add EFI until 2009. Set the idle around 1,000-1,400 RPM if you have a tachometer. co/Outboards/mercury90. is a certified OMC/BRP Evinrude service (warranty+repair) station since 1979. Find your boat the engine it deserves with Evinrude's unparalleled line of outboard motors, parts, and accessories, available at dealers nationwide. Outboard engines, as with any internal combustion engine, require air, fuel and spark to maintain adequate combustion throughout the power band. Attach a shop tachometer to the motor's Number 1 cylinder. We went to a Canadian fishing camp several years that had 50 hp Hondas in the pre-2009 models. You can work the throttle a little and get past the bogging and get to wide open throttle. User manuals, Mercury Outboard motor Operating guides and Service manuals. Cables that are structurally designed to run straight (lengthwise) down the cable. An Evinrude E-TEC outboard repair manual is more than just an organized guide for reference, maintenance and repair of a boat motor. Sounds great isn't missing or anything. Click